Obama’s Iran Earthquake Shakes Washington—Trump Calls For Decisive Action – Washington D.C. Video

Obama’s Iran Earthquake Shakes Washington—Trump Calls For Decisive Action

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As we look back on the Barack Obama presidency, we start to learn some shocking truths.

Of course, none of these truths would’ve been reported by the mainstream media, and they’re reluctant to address the truth now.

But it remains a fact that our former leader acted in highly questionable ways, and that includes shady dealings with our enemies overseas.

We already know that for whatever reason, Obama appeared to be in bed with Iran.

He was the one who agreed to that ridiculous Nuclear Deal (which Donald Trump recently disposed of, thankfully), and he was the one who helped fund various Iranian activities.

And just this week, we found out the Obama administration secretly snuck around the Iran sanctions, and mysteriously gave them financial aid.

The Associated Press ran a story about a “secret Obama-era permit” that let Iran convert funds to American dollars, and U.S. citizens were just blown away.

This report means Obama essentially gave one of America’s biggest enemies access to our financial system. And now that Trump has learned of it, well…

He’s not happy.

This is what Donald Trump does when he sees a problem. He doesn’t tiptoe around it with politically correct statements. He makes a real move.

And of course, Trump is referring to Robert Mueller’s special counsel, the “13 Angry Democrats” who are investigating Donald over the fictitious Russia conspiracy.

It’d be a better idea for Mueller and his team to stop the leftist-fueled witch hunt and actually go after the facts, even if their savior, Barack Obama, is in the crosshairs.

The leader of the free world snuck around and gave Iran financial aid, and let them convert the funds to American dollars. …why? And why should we just ignore it?

We shouldn’t. Trump is right: “Investigate!”

Maybe we’ll finally get some answers concerning Obama’s strange secrecy … and expose the dark truth about his presidency once and for all.


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  1. Obama did not like America as a world power. He did his best to destabilize America and its allies. It was part of his globalist agenda

  2. Anyone who backed this anti American. Is the true definition of deplorable

  3. my belief he never became a U.S. citizen ,and cheated ,lied ,and stole his whole life is one big lie .put into Gitmo ,and then brake him of all monies ,and after 5/6 yrs deport is fraud lying ,stealing ,scum ass to Kenya

  4. You people slay me. We tried to tell you for 8 years this guy was crooked, anti-american, but no, nobody would listen. Now, you're all surprised. Safe bet there are no mensa candidates out there????

  5. The democrats won't do anything about obama. They are guilty as he is.

  6. TRAITOR MUSLIM OBAMA had two purposes. Purpose number One was to make billions of dollars for himself. Number two was and is to DESTROY AMERICA!

  7. Arrest Obama now and put him in prison he's a traitor

  8. Obama made it legal for the President to declare any US citizen an enemy of the State and be executed without a trail. Trump should use Obama's new law and declare Barrack and Hillary enemies of the State and send in Seal Team 6 take them out.

  9. Are you listening Jack Black and Morgan Freeman ?

  10. How many times dose America has to tell you. KILL BARACK OBAMA. FUCK BARACK OBAMA KILL this SON OF BITCH. KILL KIDS WOMEN and MEN that are with BARACK OBAMA.

  11. Dump needs to worry about his own bad deeds
    Such a tattle tail
    Your record isn't to good as well.and they call you#45
    At least Obama acted like an adult what's your excuse for your behavior
    Making a spectical of yourself isn't the best approach
    Don't worry I will wait…….

  12. Arrest that terrorist now, I'm so sick of Obama's shit,he's our enemy and needs to be in prison for life or death penalty

  13. How many more acts of TREASON is it going to take to put this MOTHERFUCKER behind bars…?

  14. Kathy page, are you on drugs? Obama is a Muslim. He said it himself.. should be in jail..


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