Part 2 – Patriotic Ginbot 7 Members arriving in Bole Airport, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia – Washington D.C. Video

Part 2 – Patriotic Ginbot 7 Members arriving in Bole Airport, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

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  1. Abbay Media can't write properly names of places including wrongly saying Addis Abeba, Rayya… instead of saying rightfully Addis Ababa, Raya and…  it is an amateurish, careless and irresponsible media with full of Journalism mistakes and errors engaging with quantity of Trash rather than quality doing proper journalism works including keeping the language pure which means not using English words while speaking Amharic or vice versa.

    Is this woman a journalist or what? She is saying among the others "Thank
    you, Thank you so match" and then "አመሰግናለሁ"፡፡ what is this? Is it a street conversation among the street people? If they are really looking to make their media grow and wanted, why don't they keep the basic media and journalism rules including the language being clear and clean rather than using English words while speaking Amharic?

    Is this what you are bringing to Ethiopia from abroad you have been for
    decades? But in the west no one even tries to mix words from different language while speaking one language because of it is not part of the basic journalism rules or professional/well educated journalist's behavior.

    Abbay media, you are doing a lot but destroying it by making easily and often errors that have big consequences to your media.


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