Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC | Insta360 EVO 5.7k VR180 in 3D – Washington D.C. Video

During peak bloom of the famous cherry blossom trees at the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. on April 3, 2019, I ran my first tests of the new Insta360 EVO in VR180 3D mode, custom-mounted onto a Feiyu WG2 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that was originally designed for GoPro-like action cameras. After rigging the gimbal with an extender for the camera’s 1/4″-20 mounting hole location, and special clip-on counterweights, I could then mount it onto any boompole/selfie stick and fly around the rig as you see here.

I had originally gotten an adapter custom-manufactured for the WG2 from a French 3D printer, to mount my Sony RX0 instead of a typical action camera, but the same kind of adapter is by now readily and cheaply available in an even better form factor for this purpose, included in the parts list below.

Sometimes in the grove of cherry blossom trees, I experimented with angling the view up into the air, that’s conventionally a no-no risking nausea and disorientation, but it’s interesting to try in this context where all the good stuff is higher than eye-level.

This resolution is 5.7k, and of course it is best to watch using a headset/VR goggles, ranging from Google Cardboard-style, to an Oculus Go using the YouTube VR app.

On the Insta360 EVO, I shot in non-HDR video mode for preserving the finest detail, while using the LOG color space for dynamic range that is converted here back to REC.709 using the official LUT. Flowstate electronic stabilization is activated for further smoothing of motion at minimal quality loss, given the latitude provided by the 180-degree field-of-view.

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